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not an up market residencial area by the look of things
that anos really likes to get noticed


Those Jeepney's are a riot! They have such character too. So does that motorbike with sidecar heavily laden with things. There is a simplistic beauty in how these people unite to accomplish things because that is the only real way they can get them done.. and yet I wish more for them. It makes me wonder if more would make them less resourceful and less closely-knit. The housing is exotic but I confess I like my thermal pane windows, central air and toilets. I feel so spoiled. Once again wonderful photo-journalism.


Fantastic shots. Love the jeepney with the children riding on the roof... it's quite dangerous but then again, it's in the Philippines!:)


well, good luck with that.. at least he still offers hope to these people.. great shots here.. :)


Oh Sidney that three wheeler is out of this world!


great shots!

luna miranda

wow, you followed him all the way to Cam Norte? that's a long trip!
i love your street shots.


Love the shots of transportation! You can never say they waste space ;-)


A fine "on the road" series. I found the motorcycle with its special design very interesting. The view into the home too was very interesting. A fine post.


great shot with the master kneeling on the road ! that's some effort for you to follow the master on his healing mission. Thanks for sharing.


naalala ko date, yung paper namen nung college. ganito yung mga topics namen. usung uso toh sa probinsya, pero ganun tlga eh, kelangan respetuhin ang kultura ng iba.


Very good monochrome shot!
Nice week end.


I like the two first pictures very much. This is a great series about life in the Philippines.


Très sympa ces noir et blanc ; la voiture est géniale !!! entre un véhicule de combat et d'explorateur


La dernière est tip top. Il faut en faire du cinéma pour gagner sa vie ;-)


première image ... et dire que chez nous on sangle dans des sièges adaptés nos enfants dans la voiture et que là les marmots philippins voyagent sur les galeries des camionnettes ... heureusement que Dieu veille sur eux!!Impressionnant... cordiales pensées vers toi ami lointain !!


excellent serie you present, and great BW conversions


ah, i've just read Dennis's post and he explains more about how the possessions might occur.


fascinating transport photos. i really like the second vehicle. and wow - he feels even cancer is caused by evil spirits. that's radical. i'm curious to know how he thinks people 'pick up' these evil spirits. if he thinks it's from unwise person choices or from someone else cursing the person.

thank you for the Peter Beard link. i like his work too.


Excellentes ces photos de voyages dans la la campagne.


Wonderful B&W images Sidney, and lovely to see how other people live their lives.

The Nomadic Pinoy

It would be interesting to find out what eventually happens to that terminally ill patient. You captured rural scenes in B&W well!

Otto K.

excellent set. did he succeed with the patient?


the man is from daet - effort puntahan pero that's where i saw the best beach ever!

RennyBA's Terella

Excellent travel report again Sidney - somehow even better described in B&W I think.

Btw: Haven't forgotten you - just less time for blogging at the moment. Happy Weekend :-)

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